The HURT Community seminars are designed to help anyone who works with or in the service of adolescents to understand who they are and how they think. They are based on the latest research on adolescent development, family and social systems, and the rapidly-changing environment that every student faces. Chap’s teaching is based on understanding and respect for all ‘sides’ involved in nurturing, teaching and loving this generation and of course, the same love and respect for the generation itself.

Community “Town Hall” Seminar
This seminar is specifically targeted at a broad range of adults and organizations – educators, social workers and government officials, counselors and therapists, youth workers and parents – to provide them with the training they need to understand the contemporary adolescent experience.

Church-Based “Understanding Today’s Teen” Seminar
This seminar provides churches training and tools they need to understand the adolescent experience and help them to more fully assimilate and integrate their students into the full life of the church family.

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