PARENTEEN: Serving the developmental and systemic needs of the young

ParenTeen™ Seminars equip parents to both understand and nurture their children in a constantly changing cultural environment. They are guaranteed to help parents gain insight into their child’s journey, and to develop a more authentic and effective parenting strategy throughout the teen years and beyond.

ParenTeen is designed to offer the insights from the latest research as well as help prepare parents of any religious or ideological viewpoint what teenagers need in our highly fragmented cultural climate. The seminar is presented for all adults who care for kids, and will not present any material that is religiously insensitive to those who do not come from a Christian perspective.

The Church-Based seminar is specifically focused on what it means to see parenting as stewardship from God. The focus will be on how God is calling parents to respond to their children in a highly secular and fragmented culture, what biblical discipleship looks like during the teen years, and how parents who have an authentic faith have the best chance of leading their children into a lifetime of commitment to God and his kingdom work.

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