I’m back… but in a new season

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Nearly two years ago Dee and I embarked on a new call, a new place, and a new adventure. We were convinced that our Lord had something in mind for us that was way outside the box for us. So, we packed up and left Gig Harbor (although we haven’t left Gig Harbor, as we have kept our home and Dee is still deeply invested in her Healing Reins barn and her two 4-legged beauties!) to move to Newport Beach, CA as I serve as the lead pastor at St....

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The Future may be talking, but who is listening?

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Thomas L. Friedman wrote today in the NYTimes: “Our presidential candidates may not be interested in talking seriously about the future yet, but the future will be interested in talking to them.” Which led me to reflect on what Big Jake, aka John Wayne, might say, don’t be “short on ears and long on mouth.” Listening. That rarely acknowledged but oh-so-crucial second half of communication. As an atomized, “Who’s watching out for me?” culture,...

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Study Guide for “When Kids Hurt”

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For anyone wishing to offer a 4-week training for volunteers, parents or anyone else interested in understanding kids, Alaina Kleinbeck has done a great job at providing a 4-week study guide for the “What do I do now” version of Hurt 2.0, called When Kids Hurt (co-authored with Steve Rabey, Baker, 2009). Click on link to get When Kids Hurt .  To receive the 4-week free downloadable study guide/book club for When Kids Hurt, go to:...

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Who is my brother, my sister, my child?

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According to Jesus, every person is his brother or his sister, and how they are treated matters to him. “Whatever you did for the least of these my brothers and sisters you did for me.” (Mt 25:40) The implications of this are staggering. Consider the parent, the one who is healthy enough to know that to love is to sacrifice, to worry, to serve, to pray. Yes, boundaries and training and even discipline, carefully and appropriately applied are...

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Father-Daughter Dances: Is there a better way?

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Have you met Sarah? She’s 15, bright, outgoing, warm and pretty. I met her at a conference in the southeast last year. Sarah is active in church, she has an inviting presence, plays guitar, loves drama (the stage kind), and is on the jayvee volleyball team. A nice, gracious, fun kid. Hard not to like Sarah. I was sitting in the foyer with a group from her town, both guys and girls, when the subject of the upcoming church-sponsored...

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