Technology is a tool, not a right: Kids, Christmas, and Smartphones

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  Perhaps the most often asked question by parents when I do a Parenteen seminar is “What about technology?” Behind this question is the universal fear parents feel with the encroaching and pervasive nature of technological opportunities. Regardless if the presenting issue concerns too much time on the phone, recent articles on sexting, or the lack of willingness (or even ability) to communicate in complete sentences, issues almost always...

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David Brooks gets it: Our young need more than education, they need us

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In today’s NYTimes, David Brooks opined that the President needs to advocate for a much broader stroke to addressing the needs of our broken children and young adults ( In October, 2013, I posted a blog saying that Brooks had been right at the time when he advocated for more attention to needy pre-school kids, but he had it only half right (see “Ignoring the Elephant in Preschool Education”

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